Formalized in 1985, with the vision that the technologic domain in the segment of Tools and Precision Machining only would be possible, trough an evolution process that required correct featuring capatitation methods, ICOFER started to position as a development specialized, nationalization and featuring of mechanical components company.


Our main compromise is to develop and feature with seriousness and quality, following the main international trends, without let to consider the brazilian market particularities.

Technologic evolution, support and high level of technical assist have been the focus of work for ICOFER, wich is been transforming in a significant brazilian technology success example.

Owned Technology

We weld knolege, experience and a highly enabled team, in thee development of a proper system, inclding special softwares and tool rack upgrades.

ICOFER, a green company

Icofer - Empresa Verde

Worried with the damages caused to the enviroment, and all the consequences agaist the humanity, our technical team started since some years, a sustainable process for manipulate our discarding.

Also, we have the satisfaction of contribute with the APAE and GRAACC projects.

Ideology and values

"ICOFER is an admired and qualified company, a reliable partner for clients and suppliers, been soclially responsable."

• Client attendance;
• Quality;
• Technology;
• Renewing;
• Respect;
• Responsability; e
• Sustainably.

Avenue Senador Roberto Simonsen 1155 - Cerâmica - Zip Code 09530-402 - São Caetano do Sul - SP - Brazil | Phone/Fax: +55 (11) 4228-2955 | icofer@icofer.com.br